The Truth on How to Get Six Pack Abs

The Truth on How to Get Six Pack Abs
The Truth on How to Get Six Pack Abs

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Truth To Getting Six Pack Abs Fast

Having six pack abs is certainly a sign of fitness. If someone has visible abs then they are indeed deemed fit; that's not to say that people whose abs are hidden are by no means unfit.

As it happens your abs are one of the easiest muscles in your body to build. Yet there are people everywhere doing relentless crunches thinking it's going to make their abs shine through. In truth doing endless crunches isn't going to make your abs shine through as crunches aren't getting rid of the layer of fat covering them. Because the truth is your six pack abs are there, you just can't see them due to the layer of blubber covering them up.

A lot of people are doing tens or hundreds of crunches, sit-ups, leg raises and so on when what they really need to be doing is cardio. Don't get me wrong, these workouts will help define your abs if done correctly, but they should be a secondary goal to the first goal: which is cardio to remove the fat.

These aforementioned relentless abs workouts, if done wrong, can actually do more harm then good. The worst part is a lot of people do in fact do them incorrectly and they can have quite bad effects on the body and actually hinder you in everyday life.

So, we've established that to get those abs showing you need to do cardio to lose the fat. There is one more important factor to the equation though. It doesn't matter how much cardio you do, your abs are not going to show if you're eating too much and have a bad diet. You guessed it: you need to reduce your calorie, fat and carbohydrate intake in order to slim down and get those abs showing. Of course a diet like this is essentially, but even more important before beginning and new workout and/or diet you should definitely consult a physician or doctor. This is important because obtaining a visible six pack is not as important as your health!

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By Mark John